Mental Health Awareness Week/Month

The events of the past year have taken its toll on everyone in some way, with the restrictions on seeing family and friends outside of your household the most challenging.

As humans our most basic need is that of touch, a warm embrace from someone we care about, not only eases our woes but lifts our spirits on a truly emotional level.

Our industry hairdressers and beauty therapists play a vital role in our health and wellbeing, when we look good we feel good and gain in confidence.

The tactile nature of our treatment services soothes the soul, there is nothing quite like a deep scalp massage at the basin or a relaxing facial massage and even having our nails done is such a treat.

The salon banter and gossip is all part of the uplifting experience.

As we recognise Mental Health Awareness Week why not treat yourself to a treatment at your local salon.

Mental Health Awareness Week/Month
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