TLT Academy are celebrating 20th Anniversary

Providing top class vocational skills education

10th May 2000 to 10th May 2020

For two decades TLT has been part of our evolving industry with advances in treatment application, equipment, products and clientele.

Our clients both male and female, younger and older than ever before, as there are no barriers to chasing eternal youth, through a healthy lifestyle, aesthetics and professional salon services.

Client expectation is high and the pressure on educators to provide skilled professionals. TLT has adopted an holistic approach to vocational education to meet market demand. The modern client is well informed through advertising, marketing and social media; as everyone wants to look younger.

TLT celebrates our 20th Anniversary under unprecedented circumstances, no fanfare, banners or balloons, no special pamper salon services to our regular clients, no traditional celebratory cake, or the annual Skills Fashion Show planned to coincide with our Anniversary week.

TLT celebrates this Milestone Anniversary through reflection.

The symbol for a 20th Anniversary is china.

“A piece of fine bone china is beautiful and delicate yet fragile and brittle, much like life at the moment.”

The flower that represents a 20th Anniversary is the Aster.

In ancient times Asters was believed to have magical properties that gave knowledge and wisdom in celebration of all that you have learnt about yourself and others. How relevant this is today as we are all forced into lock down too fight Covid-19, leaving some feeling isolated and vulnerable, yet communities have all come together as one to help, love and support each other. The commute to work for many is stepping into another room, no need for suits, make up or the rush for the train or bus.

We have learnt so much about ourselves and others, acts of kindness, endurance and perseverance as we stay at home.

I think of the words of the elderly Gentleman on the TV advert, who says “But my mind is free I can go wherever I choose” we will hopefully emerge from this stronger and thankful in so many ways. _>

As TLT raises a glass in thanks to everyone who has been a part of this amazing journey over the last 20 years, we applaud the success of all of our amazing students past and present as we enter this new phase in education.

TLT will continue to provide top quality training, whilst observing and adhering to Government guidelines in our delivery model, small classes and one to one tuition.

I want to say a massive Thank You for sharing this incredible journey and wish you every success, Keep Well, Keep Safe and God Bless.

In closing a significant line taken from an Andreas Bocelli recording
‘Like stars across the sky, we were born to shine’ I hope your star shines bright…

Laraine Morris x

TLT Academy are celebrating 20th Anniversary
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