Great End to 2019

TLT Academy Learners and Staff would like to send a very warm and sincere Thank you for your support and donations to our annual Christmas Jumper CHARITY Week Appeal, which this year was in support of the Homeless.

The appeal has been an amazing success our Clothes Rail is full of unwanted: (Some of which are brand new).

  • Warm Winter Coats
  • Warm Winter Jumpers
  • Warm Hats, Scarves & Gloves
  • Blankets or Duvets

Can you imagine living on the streets at any time, but in the winter it must be so much more challenging. It is hard to believe how many people are living on the streets in such an affluent borough as Bromley.

TLT staff will be distributing all of the collected items to the homeless through organisations providing over night shelter here in Bromley. In addition to the warm clothing we have made up small parcels, which will include a sandwich, crisps, chocolate, fruit juice and some personal items such as a comb, tooth brush and paste alongside feminine hygiene materials. Sending a special Christmas wish from TLT Academy. Thank you Laraine

Great End to 2019
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