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About Us

At the forefront of education TLT are passionate about what we do, we focus on the individual needs of our learners by tailoring the most appropriate programmes to maximise the learning experience. Providing a safe learning environment, small classes and one to one tuition from professional lecturing staff, who offer over 20 years’ experience using traditional teaching methods.

Our commitment to service excellence is evident in our recruitment, retention and achievement success, EQA and quality assurance audit reports, which have been instrumental in attracting larger corporate clients to send their staff to TLT Academy for training. Our rolling programme gives us the flexibility to start courses and enrol learners throughout the academic year.

TLT Private Learners

TLT was founded as a private school and still maintains a strong self-funding clientele made up of both UK and International learners. The advantages of choosing a private education maximises flexibility, giving you the control without a restricted timeline or combination pathway encouraging a self-directed study time frame and the opportunity to retrain whilst working full time in preparation for a career change. TLT offer our self-funding learners an interest free payment plan option to ease the financial pressure.

TLT Apprenticeship

TLT has been providing apprenticeships in both hairdressing and beauty therapy for over ten years, and has close working relationships with salons both locally and in central London. We recognise the valuable role an apprentice fulfils in our industry forming an integral part of the salon team.

Whilst we recognise the advantages of being an apprentice we are also mindful that this programme does not suit all applicants. If you are considering an apprenticeship please note that you will be required to find paid employment at the current government recommended minimum apprentice wage, which means you ‘earn as you learn’.

Please note you must remain employed for the duration of your apprenticeship, however you can change salons in this time, for more detailed information on the TLT Apprenticeship programme please click on the Apprenticeship icon. For employers considering taking an apprentice, TLT has produced an ‘Employer Handbook’ to support the salon/owner/ manager/supervisor FAQ.

TLT Adult Learners

TLT encourages learners of all ages. Our study day start time of 10am is to allow mature learners with family commitments the slightly later start. We integrate our learners regardless of age, which has enormous benefits for both the younger and the more mature learner recognising that our industry respects professionalism.
As TLT promotes a relaxed and motivational learning environment, operates a term time programme and has an infrastructure of support through our media platforms and on line learning, offering the flexibility many mature learners require to manage the many facets of responsibility they have outside of college, making TLT the perfect choice for busy people.

TLT International Learners

TLT have successfully worked with international learners since our opening in 2000 offering education and training through VTCT our awarding organisation whose qualifications are recognised throughout the world, whilst supporting completed TLT learners secure employment overseas.

We have international learners apply to up skill their international qualifications to an NVQ to support employment and therapist registration in the UK.

Our course design, distance learning packages, flexibility, no nonsense approach to time management and value for money makes TLT your first choice training solution.

Laraine Morris

Principal TLT Academy

Beauty and hair products


At TLT Academy we are passionate about our industry and the many facets of career opportunities it holds, we believe given the right education and skills training you can fulfil your dream, working as a salon operative, business owner, freelance professional, educator or a sales entrepreneur, our industry offers a career for life with unlimited earnings potential.

If you are feeling confused or unsure come and talk to the experts and book an informal interview at TLT Academy, call us now on 0208 462 3662 or email our school manager Tracey Dagger on traceydagger@tltacademy.co.uk